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Atelocollagen, Permeable Membrane for 50 mm Culture Dish


The atelocollagen permeable membrane scaffold is suitable for culturing primary epithelial cells. Conventional plastic and glass-based cultureware does not take into account the polarity of cells. In contrast, this permeable membrane enables cells to maintain their polarity during cell culture. This membrane is also useful in cell-cell interaction studies.

What is Atelocollagen?


  • Culture on membrane

  • Co-culture with membrane

  • Cell sheet transplantation


  • Since the collagen membrane is fully permeable to small molecules, cells cultured on this membrane will maintain their polarity and absorb nutrients/excrete metabolic waste products across the membrane.
  • Because the membrane is transparent, microscopic observation of the cells is possible during culture.
  • Two different cell types can be cultured, one on each side of the membrane, and this membrane is particularly useful for cell-cell interaction studies without direct cell-cell contact.

Types of collagen

Bovine hide derived atelocollagen

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MEN-01 Atelocollagen, Permeable membrane
for 50mm culture dish  Sterilized φ32mm
5 pieces/box Visit distributor’s
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Storage: -20℃  For research use only.

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  • Co-culture
  • Transplantation, Miscellaneous
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