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  • Honeycomb disc

  • Flat disc

Atelocollagen Coated β-TCP Scaffold


β-Tricalcium phosphate (β –TCP) is coated with atelocollagen and shows high biocompatibility. β-TCP is a widely-used bone prosthetic material due to its exquisite osteoconductive properties.

What is Atelocollagen?


  • Cell culture

  • Cell transplantation

  • Administration of osteogenic factors


  • Suitable for in vitro and in vivo bone formation studies with osteogenic factors.

  • Contains two types of discs: honeycomb-shaped discs and flat discs.

Type of collagen

Bovine dermis derived atelocollagen

  • Surface SEM image of atelocollagen coated (AC)-β-TCP

  • Fluorescent microscope image of cells seeded in AC-β-TCP (live cell imaging)

  • SEM image of cells seeded in AC-β-TCP

Cat. No. Product Packaging Price
ACB-05S Atelocollagen Coated β-TCP Scaffold Sterilized
  Honeycomb disc
  Size: φ3×1mm
  Number of pores: 37
  Cross sectional area: 0.07 mm²
     (Pore size: approximately 0.3 mm)
  Flat disc
  Size: φ3×1mm
  Number of pores: 0
* 5 pieces of each discs are contained
10 pcs/bottle* Visit distributor’s
web page

Storage: Room temperature  For research use only

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  • Bone
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    • Derivation of iPSCs after culture of human dental pulp cells under defined conditions.
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