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Atelocollagen/Native Collagen Acidic Solutions


Atelocollagen/Native collagen acidic solutions are high purity collagen solutions prepared from bovine dermis and are suitable for collagen coating applications and for preparing collagen gel as a scaffold for 3D culture. Two types of atelocollagen/native collagen products are available: I-PC (atelocollagen) and I-AC (native collagen). Atelocollagen is a derivative of collagen produced by protease treatment to remove the telopeptides at both ends of the collagen molecule.

What is Atelocollagen?



  • Collagen coating

  • Culture in collagen gel (3D culture)

  • Culture on collagen gel

  • Co-culture with collagen gel


  • Atelocollagen/Native collagen acidic solutions form a gel (fibrillisation) under physiological conditions.

  • Collagen concentrations of 3 mg/mL and 5 mg/mL are available and are suitable for coating and preparing gel as a scaffold for 3D culture applications, respectively.

  • In contrast to cell-derived soluble basement membrane preparations, collagen solutions are free from bioactive compounds, nucleic acids, matrix metalloprotease (MMP), etc., allowing experimental results to be evaluated more clearly.

Types of collagen

Collagen Acidic Solution I-PC (Atelocollagen) / Bovine hide derived atelocollagen
Collagen Acidic Solution I-AC (Native collagen) / Bovine hide derived acid soluble collagen

Cat. No. Product Packaging Price
IPC-30 Atelocollagen, Bovine dermis, 3 mg/mL pH 3.0
Sterilized (Collagen Acidic Solution I-PC)
50 mL/bottle Visit distributor’s
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IPC-50 Atelocollagen, Bovine dermis, 5 mg/mL pH 3.0
Sterilized (Collagen Acidic Solution I-PC)
50 mL/bottle Visit distributor’s
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IAC-30 Native collagen, Bovine dermis, 3 mg/mL pH 3.0
Sterilized (Collagen Acidic Solution I-AC)
50 mL/bottle Visit distributor’s
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IAC-50 Native collagen, Bovine dermis, 5 mg/mL pH 3.0
Sterilized (Collagen Acidic Solution I-AC)
50 mL/bottle Visit distributor’s
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Storage: 2-10℃  For research use only.

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  • I-PC
    3D culture
  • I-PC
  • I-PC
  • I-PC
    coating scaffold
  • I-PC
  • I-AC
    3D culture
  • I-AC
    Mechanical stress culture
  • I-AC
  • I-AC
    coating scaffold
  • I-AC
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