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AteloGene® Systemic Use


This in vivo transfection kit is designed for delivering siRNA/miRNA into animal tissues, mouse in particular, to introduce the siRNA/miRNA into cells by systemic administrations.

Atelocollagen is positively charged and can thus electrostatically form complexes with nucleic acids when they are mixed together at appropriate concentrations and ratios. The complexes protect nucleic acids from being degraded by nucleases in in vivo.

What is Atelocollagen?



  • i.v. administration of nucleic acids

  • i.p. administration of nucleic acids



  • Prolonged in vivo RNAi effect because atelocollagen, the main component of AteloGene® products, form complexes with siRNA/miRNA.
  • Since AteloGene® products are made from atelocollagen, it is nontoxic.
  • AteloGene® Systemic Use does not form a gel and siRNA/miRNA are efficiently delivered throughout the entire body via the blood circulation following tail vein injection.

Kit contents

①AteloGene® Systemic Use prefilled syringe
  (Including losses during the preparation steps)
600 μL × 2 syringes
②10×siRNA buffer
    (It can be used for miRNA as well)
3 mL × 1 bottle
③Sterilized water 3 mL × 1 bottle
④2 mL microtube 2 tubes
⑤Disposable Syringe 2 tubes
⑥18G needle 4 needles
⑦26G needle 2 needles
⑧Instruction manual 1 leaflet


Devices and reagents required other than those in the kit

  • siRNA/miRNA (PAGE- or HPLC-purified grade is recommended.)
  • Container for preparation of siRNA/miRNA solution (sterilized, RNase-free)
  • Cooling device (crushed ice, cold block, etc.)
  • Tube rotator (that can tumble and agitate such as TAITEC RT-5, Bibby scientific SB3, etc.)
  • Pipetter and tips (sterilized, RNase-free)
  • High-speed refrigerated centrifuge
  • Anesthetic
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AteloGene® Systemic Use 1 kit
(10 administrations) *
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*It can be used more than 10 administrations depending on target tissue because one administration is assumed to be 200μl.

Storage: 2-10°C  For research use only.
Expiration date: 5 years from manufacturing date printed on the box.

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Experimental example

Systemic siRNA administration to mouse metastatic tumour model with AteloGene® Systemic Use

After systemic administration of a luciferase siRNA (Luc siRNA) & AteloGene® mixture to metastatic tumors expressing luciferase, luciferase expression was markedly reduced when compared to the control.


  • Systemic administration in Cancer research
  • Systemic administration in other research
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