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Atelocollagen Powder, Membrane, Sponge


High purity bovine dermis-derived atelocollagen powder, permeable membrane, and sponge for various research purposes. Useful for scaffold research.

What is Atelocollagen?


  • Preparing high concentration solution

  • Processing permeable membrane

  • Cross-linking

Types of collagen

Bovine dermis derived atelocollagen

Cat. No. Product Packaging Storage Price
CLP-01 Atelocollagen Powder 500 mg/bottle -20℃ Visit distributor’s
web page
CLF-01 Atelocollagen Membrane
100mm × 90mm × 35μm
1 sheet/box -20℃ Visit distributor’s
web page

Atelocollagen Sponge*
90mm × 80mm × 5mm
*NOT cross-linked and will deform
after water absorption

1 piece/box 2-10℃ Visit distributor’s
web page

For research use only.

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  • Atelocollagen powder
  • Atelocollagen membrane
  • Atelocollagen sponge (NOT cross-linked)
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