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Atelocollagen Neutral Solutions


Atelocollagen neutral solutions are high purity collagen solutions prepared from bovine dermis and form a gel under physiological conditions. These products are pre-mixed with culture medium and ready to use for cell culture.

What is Atelocollagen?


Culture on collagen gel

  • Click here for Collagen acidic solutions suitable for preparing a scaffold for 3D culture.
  • For customers seeking high concentration atelocollagen neutral solution for cell transplantation, we recommend using Atelocollagen powder.


  • Atelocollagen neutral solutions are adjusted to neutral pH and form a gel when they are warmed to 37°C.
    (These products are not suitable for 3D culture because the atecollagen concentration is lower than atelocollagen acidic solutions)

Type of collagen

Bovine dermis derived atelocollagen

Cat. No. Product Packaging Price
MEN-02 Atelocollagen, Eagle’s MEM pH 7.4
Sterilized (Atelocollagen neutral solution)
This product is available until
14 Dec 2020 or until stock has run out.
20 mL/bottle Visit distributor’s
web page
DME-02 Atelocollagen, DMEM Low Glucose pH 7.4
Sterilized (Atelocollagen neutral solution)
20 mL/bottle Visit distributor’s
web page
DME-02H Atelocollagen, DMEM High Glucose pH 7.4
Sterilized (Atelocollagen neutral solution)
20 mL/bottle Visit distributor’s
web page
RPM-02 Atelocollagen, RPMI 1640 pH 7.4
Sterilized (Atelocollagen neutral solution)
20 mL/bottle Visit distributor’s
web page

Storage: -20℃  For research use only.

Click here for frequently asked questions about collagen neutral solutions


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