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AteloGene® Local Use “Quick Gelation”/ Local Use

Is it possible to use higher concentrations of siRNA/miRNA than the recommended amount?

Several articles have shown dose-dependent effects but there are no reports of problems encountered by using concentrations of siRNA/miRNA higher than the recommended concentration.

Can I store a mixture of AteloGene® and siRNA/miRNA?

We recommend preparing the mixture at the time of use. It is possible to prepare the mix on a small scale if you need a small quantity. Please ask us for details.

Is it effective to administer a smaller volume of a mixture of AteloGene® and siRNA/miRNA than the recommended dose?

There are many examples in which a smaller volume was administered when the injection volume of the target tissue is limited, such as brain, muscle, joints, etc. In such cases, the concentration of siRNA/miRNA administered at each site should be more than the recommended concentration.

Can I use AteloGene® in animals other than mice, for example, rats and rabbits?

 Although the recommended dose of AteloGene® is specifically for mice, it has been used for rats and rabbits by adjusting the dose appropriately for the tissue size of the animal.

Is AteloGene® also effective for vector-type nucleic acids, such as plasmid DNA?

There are several articles describing the use of AteloGene® for the local administration of vector-type nucleic acids.

How long do the effects of siRNA/miRNA last?

Approximately a week following local administration.

How long does AteloGene® remain at the site of injection?

It will degrade after approximately a week, depending on the injection site, after local administration.

Can I inject a mixture of AteloGene® and siRNA/miRNA into a xenograft tumour?

We recommend covering the tumour with AteloGene® to avoid damage from injection. However, there are many articles describing the use of intra-tumoural injections.

Is AteloGene® applicable for use in in vitro experiments?

AteloGene® is designed for in vivo experiments only. Please use AteloGene® for your in vivo experiments following in vitro evaluation of siRNA/miRNA.

Information on this page is based on published articles and in-house data.