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Atelocollagen Microspheres


Atelocollagen microspheres are microbeads-like atelocollagen scaffold for cell culture. This carrier is useful for culturing adhesive cells such as fibroblasts, epithelial cells and osteoblasts due to its ability to maintain cell functions.

What is Atelocollagen?


    High-density culture


  • Collagen microspheres create an in vitro-like environment because they are produced exclusively from fibril-forming type I atelocollagen.

  • Cells are easily harvested by collagenase treatment.

Types of collagen

Bovine dermis derived atelocollagen

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Atelocollagen Microspheres  Sterilized
Surface area: approximately 3,800 cm²/15mL
Size: 100-400μm
Approximately 3 million particles

15 mL/bottle Visit distributor’s
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Storage: 2-10℃ (Do not freeze)  For research use only.

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  • Bone, Cartilage
  • Miscellaneous
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