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Atelocollagen Microspheres

How can I seed cells onto Atelocollagen microspheres?

Please visit our distributors’ page to download an instruction manual

How can I harvest cells from Atelocollagen microspheres?

Add collagenase to final concentration of 0.1% and incubate at 37 °C for approximately an hour

Is it possible to prepare sections from Atelocollagen microspheres?

Similar to tissue samples, Atelocollagen microspheres can be fixed and/or embedded in paraffin/OCT compound.

What buffer is used with Atelocollagen microspheres?

The buffer is PBS (-).

Is it possible to obtain custom-made Atelocollagen microspheres that are different in size from the off-the-shelf product?

It could be expensive to produce custom-made Atelocollagen microspheres. We can provide you with articles that describe the fabrication of collagen beads from Collagen acidic solution instead.

Are Atelocollagen microspheres suitable for static culture?

There are several examples in the literature describing its use for static culture.

Information on this page is based on published articles and in-house data.