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Atelocollagen, Honeycomb Sponge

How can I seed cells into Honeycomb sponge?

Please visit our distributors’ page to download an instruction manual

What percentage of cells attach onto a Honeycomb sponge during culture?

Approximately 20-30% of seeded cells attach onto the Honeycomb sponge, although the type of cell and the seeding method may affect attachment.

How can I harvest cells from a Honeycomb sponge?

Add collagenase to final concentration of 0.1% and incubate at 37°C for approximately half an hour.

Is it possible to prepare sections from a Honeycomb sponge?

Similar to tissue samples, Honeycomb sponge can be fixed and/or embedded in paraffin/OCT compound.

How long does Honeycomb sponge remain at the transplantation site?

We estimate that it remains for approximately a month but the duration depends on the transplantation site.

Is it possible to obtain custom-made Honeycomb sponges that are different in shape and pore size from the off-the-shelf product?

Please contact us as we may be able to produce custom-made products upon your request. You can also cut Honeycomb sponge into smaller pieces with a sharp knife such as a surgical scalpel.

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