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Atelocollagen Sponge, MIGHTY

How can I seed cells into MIGHTY?

Please visit our distributors’ page to download an instruction manual

What percentage of cells attach onto MIGHTY?

Most of the seeded cells attach onto MIGHTY, although the type of cell and the seeding method may have an effect.

How can I harvest cells from MIGHTY?

Due to its toughness, harvesting live cells from MIGHTY is difficult. Homogenize the sponge vigorously and use extraction kits to obtain nucleic acids and/or proteins from cells grown in MIGHTY.

Is it possible to prepare sections from MIGHTY?

Similar to tissue samples, MIGHTY can be fixed and/or embedded in paraffin/OCT compound.

How long does MIGHTY remain at the transplantation site?

We estimate that it remains at least two months but the duration depends on the transplantation site.

Is it necessary to have a particular device to perform mechanical stress cultures?

There are several examples of mechanical stress cultures that use simple weights without special device.

Is it possible to obtain custom-made MIGHTY sponges that are different in shape and pore size from the off-the-shelf product?

Please contact us as we may be able to produce custom-made products upon your request. You can also cut MIGHTY into smaller pieces with a sharp knife such as a surgical scalpel.

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